The Goal...

 Alani is here to cultivate a safe space for people who are ready to embody their true authentic selves on all levels. As we peel away years of expectations, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits you will re-discover and embrace who you truly are within, a divine spiritual being who embodies both their light and dark qualities powerfully and fearlessly!

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Who is GLG...

I am Alani,

I am a very old soul. All my life I have been healing people even before I knew how or that I was even doing it. Since I was a kid I have always wanted to help and heal others with my story & through unconditional love. I had a very traumatic childhood and it has been a mission of mine to ensure anyone I meet does not have to experience those same negative situations. Although, I am very grateful for what I learned through those tough experiences because it allows me to fully be of service and understand when helping you heal from different situations and events that have harmed you, hindered you, or made you feel inadequate. I love connecting with people and helping them see/remember how strong, powerful, and limitless they truly are as I know the journey is not easy but it is more than possible. I am excited to work with you and remind you that all of you is beautiful and no piece of you deserves to be hidden no matter what anyone else says even if that someone is you. I am a psychic medium, spiritual life coach, intuitive tarot reader, shaman, human, healer, friend and more!


I am constantly dreaming up new projects to further help the collective grow and heal so be sure to come back and check out any updates and new services. Thank you for existing, I look forward to connecting with you soon...

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